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Home Cleaning
Service Houston TX

Duration: 4-6 hours, tailored to
your penthouse, townhouse or home size
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Serving Houston, TX & surrounding areas
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Service Description

Experience the pinnacle of luxury cleaning services with Lux Class Cleaning. Our meticulous attention to detail and commitment to excellence ensures a level of cleanliness that is both detailed and spotless.

For recurring services, we focus on transforming your living spaces into sanctuaries of clean comfort. Our experienced team meticulously maintains your kitchen, living and dining rooms, offices, bathrooms, and bedrooms, creating an immaculately clean environment down to the smallest detail. From surface sanitation and appliance cleaning to the sweeping and mopping of floors, replacing trash bags, and careful washing of dishes - every task is carried out with a precision that redefines cleanliness.

When it comes to first-time or intensive deep cleaning services, we elevate our offerings even further. Here, we pledge an unprecedented level of cleanliness, leaving every inch of your home not just clean but luxuriously spotless. Beyond our standard services, we painstakingly scrub showers and grout, meticulously dust baseboards and blinds, carefully clean doors and frames, and diligently dust light fixtures and fans. Optionally, we even offer exterior/interior window cleaning for that perfect finish. 

With Lux Class Cleaning, you are not just opting for a cleaning service but investing in a lifestyle choice. Experience the luxurious comfort of cleanliness and allow us to bring an intricate, spotless shine to every corner of your home. With Lux Class Cleaning, cleanliness is not a task; it's an art form.

Cancelation Policy

We understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise that could force you to postpone or cancel your cleaning service. However, please note our policies regarding such situations to ensure fair and efficient service to all our clients.

  1. Cancellation Policy:

    • If a cancellation is made more than 24 hours before the scheduled service, there will be no cancellation fee.

    • If a cancellation is made within 24 hours of the scheduled service, a cancellation fee of 50% of the service price will apply.

    • If a cancellation is made within 4 hours of the scheduled service, we will charge 100% of the service price.

  2. Rescheduling Policy:

    • Clients may reschedule their service more than 24 hours before the scheduled appointment without incurring any rescheduling fee.

    • If a client reschedules within 24 hours to 2 hours of the scheduled appointment, a rescheduling fee of 20% of the service price will apply.

Please note that we implement these policies to compensate for the time and resources allocated for your service, which could have been utilized for other clients. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation. If you have any questions or need further clarification, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for choosing Lux Class Cleaning. We are committed to providing you with the highest level of service, and we appreciate your understanding and compliance with these policies.

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